Congratulations on taking the first step toward gaining a deeper understanding of the complex nature of children’s product design safety. At Kids In Danger, or KID, we have spent the last two decades fighting for product safety and are thrilled to be able to offer the KID Design Safety Toolkit as a resource for anyone who designs children’s products. We have relied on the expertise of thought-leaders from all facets of product design, development, manufacturing and marketing to deliver meaningful and action-oriented content to help you design the hazards out before your product is even in prototype.

Watch the video to get a closer look at KID and the purpose of the KID Design Safety Toolkit. Then click the button and LET’S GET STARTED!

Once you have completed Part 1, you may opt to dive deeper into any one or all of the specific product categories, including Sleep, At Home, Out & About or Play.

Let’s Get Started!

The KID Design Safety Toolkit covers the following topics:

  • Why it’s imperative to keep the end-user in mind from the very beginning
  • The value of research and how to incorporate it at any budget level
  • How to design to encourage intuitive and safe use
  • How to market with an eye toward safety
  • Age grading and developmental considerations
  • Understanding consumer behavior and designing to ensure safety in real world use

The course curriculum is delivered by a cross-functional team of experts in children’s products across all facets of development, from product design to research, safety, testing, legal, manufacturing, marketing and more. It’s the ultimate master class designed to benefit anyone who works in the children’s products industry. Click here to see who contributed and supported the KID Design Safety Toolkit. To learn more or talk to KID about the toolkit, email us at email@kidsafetytoolkit.org.