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KID Design Safety Board Committee
Shehnaz Safiuddin, Chair
Larry Golden
Don Mays
Susan Nied

KID Design Safety Toolkit Advisory Committee
Neal Cohen
Brian Grochal
Scott Milkovich
Meredith Morris
Carol Pollack Nelson
Keith Rhoades
Deb Salmon
Rachel Weintraub

KID Staff
Nancy Cowles, Executive Director
Dev Gowda, Assistant Director


Greg Bliss

From Design to Development to Manufacturing Panel
Meredith Morris
Brian Grochal
Scott Milkovich

Understanding Consumer Behavior Panel
Rachel Weintraub
Erin Mannen, PhD
Shehnaz Safiuddin

Lessons Learned
Neal Cohen
Nancy Cowles

Designing for Safety Panel
Susan DeRagon
Don Mays
Keith Rhoades
Zlatko Tasevski

Research Methods: Meredith Morris
KID Safety Gauge: Scott Milkovich
Manufacturing Safety Toolkit: Guillermo Rodriguez

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